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Aging Mind Initiative

Posted: 07 Jul 2017, 14:40
by Dreamweaver ... Newsletter
18 pages

Retirement Pays off 2
Short-Term Memory 4
Website review for Dementia 6

Sleep and Neuroplasticity 6
Communication and Technology 7
Thinking Skills, Language and Emotion 8
Sideways balance and hip Osteoarthritis 9
Do you have hip pain? 10
Receiving support services in home11
Brain stimulation in older adults 12
Ankle Pain in Osteoarthritis 13
Exercise, learning and memory 14
Leg strength and balance 15
How the brain processes language 16
Maintaining a health brain 17
Adjusting to retirement 17
Mental health services Accessibility 18
Take part in a new study
This research would not have been possible without the interest and
support of members of the Ageing Mind Initiative and so the team want to
send their thanks to everyone who took part.
The research is ongoing and the team are currently recruiting people who
are planning to retire in the next six months to find out more about the
role of social networks in the retirement transition. This involves
completing some online surveys about your experience of the transition. If
you would like to be involved or know of others who would be interested
in being involved, please contact Ben Lam at or visit
where you can access the survey.
(Details of the study also listed on page 17 of the Newsletter)

Re: Aging Mind Initiative

Posted: 05 Jun 2018, 21:25
by Dreamweaver
Lots of goodies in 16 topics from the Aging Mind Initiative. Well worth looking at all, whether getting involved or not.
Although they want participants over 60 yrs old, the survey on wisdom is open to other ages, ... letter.pdf