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Post by Merri » 02 Nov 2006, 16:07

Found this suggestion on another forum.
Have you arrived home without a thought in our mind except what a wonderful day you've had? Or the only thought is to get the frozen stuff into the freezer before it melts? Then one little action changes all that. You put the key in the lock to open the door. That's all it takes. Then the only thought in your mind is to get to the loo before you have an 'accident'!

Or have you been on an outing with a special friend, gone to a public loo, and spent the next half hour rinsing your undies and drying them under the blow dryer, while your friend is thinking you've either had a heart attack or climbed out the loo window?

You can go to your local pharmacy and get incontinence pants and pads, but you're much too young to admit to needing those. So here's a way that no-one will know, and it's cheaper to boot. Buy some cheap towelling face washers - all the same colour so you can tell them apart from your bathroom ones. There's your pads, that can be washed out and re-used ad infinatum. Buy some cheap panty hose and cut off the legs. You're left with secure pants to keep your pads firmly in place.
And there you go! :grin:


Post by Dawn » 02 Nov 2006, 16:21

Interesting Merri! Panti liners do the job very well too!

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Post by godfather » 02 Nov 2006, 17:51

Yeah, just been out to Big W and bought a stack! :- :- :- :-({|= :-({|= :-({|=
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Post by Dawn » 02 Nov 2006, 19:17

Well, GF, if you think they will do the job for you, #-o #-o thats ok by me! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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