Divided by the Government

How can we improve the prognosis for our maturing Australians? Suggestions, ideas, proposals for better social and health issues, including retirement accommodation, etc.

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Divided by the Government

Post by sigun » 05 Nov 2005, 22:37

I am a great believer that the current Federal Government is keeping us elderly, mature, pensioners etc divided in an effort not to let us gain anything which we otherwise might gain!
The chasm that exists amongst ourselves is getting deeper and deeper, and soon will be beyond repairs.

I have just had a look at another forum where I came across the following comments from a presumably elderly pensioner:

"...................................Do yourselves a favour, read the whole thing before condemning the best P M this country has had in many many years!"

I am absolutely astounded to read something like this on a web site dedicated to pensioners etc.
In my humble opinion, Howard has done nothing for pensioners since he has come into office in 1996. I am not saying that he is a "lonesome ranger", not at all. However, praising the guy for denigrating pensioners and taking GST off them is totally disgusting.

What do you all think?



Re: Divided by the Government

Post by Gpop » 06 Nov 2005, 07:49

"...................................Do yourselves a favour, read the whole thing before condemning the best P M this country has had in many many years!"

I don't like Howard any more than you do ... but do you think Beasley could do a better job???

Cheers Gpop :cry: :cry:


Post by Merri » 06 Nov 2005, 08:31

I have concerns about Beasley, but I think Blind Freddy could do better than Johnny. Better the lesser of two evils! I put them both last, but Johnny lastest. :lol: :lol:


Divided by the government

Post by Gpop » 06 Nov 2005, 17:06

Merri, couldn't have put it better if I tried, loved the "lastest" bit. Cheetrs Gpop :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Post by godfather » 06 Nov 2005, 22:37

Gpop, I won't speak for sigun but you are correct. Beasley could not do better than Howard, but as Merri says, Blind Freddy is waiting in the wings! :P

I am not Labor but I do believe that Latham had the backbone to do better and be more understanding towards elderly Australians. He did not have the party backing, some weird ideas and he lost a few 'mates' at the wrong time.

Howard is not a good PM because his favours are directed towards the 'big business area', he has lost total touch with reality and is now slowly becoming a dictator! We deserve better and therefore I do agree with sigun when she queries the statement made on another forum.

Anyway, 'sable' (aka Glamma) will be back early this week. I bet my bottom dollar that she'll have a few words to say as well! :P 8) :P
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Post by sigun » 13 Dec 2005, 12:13

Now, Charlie, I believe the “reality check” needs to be taken by you!

Do you honestly believe that the “old” (I guess you mean pensioners) are:

Responsible for the recent race riots?
Responsible for the homeless?
Responsible for Australia invading Iraq?
Responsible for many youth homeless and lost?
Responsible for the poverty some are burdened with?
Responsible for many more terrible things?

And that they are owed something for having contributed for years?

Uuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh and balderdash!

Your thinking is different ok, don’t let anyone fool you about that!
However, you are doing exactly what your father did, you are going with the flow!
No stream ever flows uphill, and it is much easier to follow the flow. Easier on body and mind.

If you can just give me ONE sound explanation for anyone of your above accusations, I will look at my education and that of my children with great concerns.

There is nothing in any of the postings from contributors which indicates that they are owed something more than the truth and a fair go!
You said in your ramblings that the Liberals are standing for the business sector, which in my book does not include pensioners.
What is it that the Liberals have done for the pensioners that grabs your imagination? Do you believe that the recent I.R. amendments are going to benefit the pensioners or even the workforce?
Do you believe that the GST has not affected pensioners adversely?

Charlie, maybe I am reading your comments wrongly, in which case I will stand corrected.
However, if I am reading them correctly, you must have a very unrealistic view of the lives of Australian pensioners.

Yes, think about the community, which does include pensioners!


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Post by Dreamweaver » 13 Dec 2005, 16:30

If the elderly are to take the credit and blame for things that followed their generation's influence, I am puzzled. I would like to think my vote has a positive effect on any situation, but like many Australians, my vote is often wasted. Never-the-less I will not hold myself responsible for the actions of a government I haven't voted for.

It's sadly true that many older people think that they are owed something for living as long as they have, and 'contributing'. Should we blame the generation prior to them for the up-bringing they gave? I know many of our present seniors' generation, lamenting the attitude of the young, say "Where did we go wrong?" I see more of this attitude than that of taking the credit for the good things.

Although we are not personally responsible for much that is good or bad, we are responsible for trying to amend past mistakes made by others on our behalf. Like the past treatment of the aboriginal people. I was not responsible for that, but like all of us I'm landed with the responsibility of doing something about it now.

No one of us has the resources to tackle all ills. If we tackle just one, even that's a plus. This well could be the one that we know most about - in our case, the fair treatment of the elderly. Not looking for unfair advantages, as I know some are prone to do, but just fair treatment.

When it comes to voting, yes, that isn't a single issue. We must look for a government that brings the most good for the most people, but only if it can look to the well being of the minority too.
I dream, therefore I am.


Post by sonicone » 13 Dec 2005, 18:15

I can`t be as succinct as Charlie, but none the less do agree with him, it is our generation albeit you and me the politicians,local government, school teachers etc etc, that either directly or indirectly have allowed most of this to happen.

Discipline ,respect, caring seems to have gone out the window, and just look at Political correctness,insanity personified if you ask me....maybe we should have made more noise, who knows?

I also have many pensioner friends and amazed also at how self centred and selfish they have become, the reason? I just wish I knew, maybe in todays world perhaps is just a sign of self preservation, but sad all the same.


Post by sigun » 14 Dec 2005, 11:29

Hi Charlie,

Sadly, I disagree with your comments. I guess, we all have differing opinions and ideas.
However, this thread was specifically looking at pensioners, mature and elderly and the plight these people are facing under the current government. Especially, how they are kept apart by divisive policies designed for that purpose. If all pensioners could combine their voices/votes, the Howard government would not last another 5 minutes! That should tell you the current
situation pensioners are up against.
Don’t try and tell me to take responsibility for something I have had no part in creating.
It is very easy to fool people by empty promises or misleading statements just to get elected.
People are gullible to the degree that every word becomes gospel until they realise that they were led up the garden path. Mainly when it is too late for change!
My aim is not to seek anything for myself but rather for the community which is suffering badly from the mistakes made at election times. Those who voted for the current government are the ones to take ‘responsibility’, not the ones who voted against. I do not intend taking responsibility
for Australia’s invasion of Iraq. I marched against the idea together with millions of sensible other Australians. However, the arrogance of the PM was the deciding factor, and hence we are spending billions of dollars on a war, instead of spending these dollars on our own people.
No, Charlie, I am certain that your finger-pointing in the general direction is done with good faith, but you must make allowances for those who did not follow the sheep to the slaughter. For those who stood up and are standing up for better conditions for our ‘neglected’ part of society.
I can tell you, that I go and meet with underprivileged people (including children as young as 9 or younger living on the streets) no less than once every two weeks. We sit and talk and we bring food and refreshments. These people have no lifestyle, they just survive from one day to another.
Take a look around and you can see the chasm growing by the day. The HAVE’s and the HAVE NOT’s. No, I do not take responsibility for that. If you believe that I am wrong for my stance, then so be it!
The race riots in Sydney are another point. Did I create the situation? No bloody way, and hence I will not take responsibility. My points again, blame the people who created the policies and voted for these riots!

If you really believe that all of us pensioners, elderly and mature are responsible for everything that takes place in today’s world, then think again. I am almost certain that the majority of these
people would be delighted to see some change for the better. And that change could happen if we all stood united. However, until such time, we are sadly at the mercy of the elected government.
Elected by stealth!

Please read my signature, it is slowly coming true!

For sonicone:
The selfish and self-centred variety of pensioners is mainly drawn from the self-funded group. This group is favoured by the government because they don't cost the government as much as the poor variety. Divisive policies, just as explained above. Sad, very sad!



Post by Glamma » 14 Dec 2005, 14:32

Nice of you to to include me in Godfather.

..................you do not want to know;...........trust me on this; YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

I am still wearing my knuckle-dusters from another forum. Given the length of this thread, never mind the subject matter,......................nah!

Best not,......best not........

Do NOT light the blue touch paper!

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Post by godfather » 14 Dec 2005, 21:17

Oooops, I must have stepped on someone's toes again! [-o<

Not sure what that is all about, but guess it has something to do with my post dated 6/11/05?

Anyway, I am scared of knuckle-dusters, so I'll let you put them away and then you might just come back and play again! :- :-
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Post by Glamma » 14 Dec 2005, 22:43

No Hans, not you! Emailed. #-o

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Post by godfather » 15 Dec 2005, 16:46

You mean that I can unpack my crystals again? :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Post by Glamma » 16 Dec 2005, 12:21

He who live in cloud cuckoo land must unpack crystals.........,

( The sad sack of s... ! ) O:)


Post by sigun » 16 Dec 2005, 21:35

Charlie, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!
Don't do anything you might regret later on! :biggrin:

As far as following the majority is concerned, unfortunately that doesn't always come in to play. We will never ever please everybody all the time, but we could start pleasing some now and again. Hopefully, these would be the underprivileged in our society. I know a lot of people who just have had a rough trot through life, not always by their own makings either, and these people are now suffering because of a favouritism approach by the Government towards self-funded retirees. It sound like a sob story, but this time of year it hits home right into the heart!


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