Elderly drivers

How can we improve the prognosis for our maturing Australians? Suggestions, ideas, proposals for better social and health issues, including retirement accommodation, etc.

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Elderly drivers

Post by Dreamweaver » 26 Jan 2011, 21:44

"The amount of visual information around us is huge, and we don't have the brain power to process it all," Tadin said. "Evolutionarily speaking, moving objects are the most important visual features to detect quickly, because they could be your lunch or they could want to eat you for lunch. It just makes sense that our vision prioritizes processing them."
So when we're young and fit our brain focusses on moving objects, not on the background. As we age we take more notice of the background, because the young and fit are dealing with threats or lunch, we are the wise mentors gathering other information. All fits perfectly until we are driving in today's traffic, and just didn't notice that cyclist we ran over. :eek
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Re: Elderly drivers

Post by godfather » 27 Jan 2011, 12:22

"Yes, your Honour, it was only a cyclist. I was focussing on the bigger picture!"

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