Capt Jack & Jude and "Banyandah"

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Re: Capt Jack & Jude and "Banyandah"

Post by captjack » 16 Jul 2016, 11:55

godfather wrote:Here is the latest from our valiant sailors and I am a little shocked.
It reads like Jack and Jude are hanging up the sails for good and intending to settle on dry land.
Maybe I am reading it wrongly and perhaps another member can clarify the story for me.
G'day Hans - and good day to all Silver Peers. First we're remiss not to drop by more often, three smacks on our bottoms for that. Good news though is we're not ready to swallow the anchor just yet. Although each year it is getting a tad bit more tiring to manage our vessel, we just take it a bit slower and keep truckin'. Like our voyage up from Tasmania in late May. Jeez the weather was severe. Who can doubt that the weather is changing and becoming just that tad bit more violent. We got flatten coming our of Eden by a 110 km blast. Crikey if that wasn't bad enough, when trying to our good ship off her side, the steering cables broke! Fortunately that was at the beginning of a blow so the sea was fairly mild, but rising fast. Almost all of our time sailing north up the NSW coast we had very strong wind off the land. That's OK when we can stay in close, but around Jervis Bay where you end up 15 or 16 kilomtres offshore, we got blasted. Down to just a headsail only for most of that journey, by the time we got to Pittwater, a long break surrounded by Nature was just what the doctor ordered. Fortunately, further north we had some delightful hops with easy seas and glorious night skies. Even got across our barred Richmond River mouth without a fuss to the great hoots and yelling from our family of ten grandkids.

We're home for a bit but we'll be heading back south when it warms up again.

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Re: Capt Jack & Jude and "Banyandah"

Post by Dreamweaver » 16 Jul 2016, 13:49

Good to see you Cap'n, along with Jude.
Perhaps one day the Banyandah will have internet access!
But anyway, make the most of your time ashore and get involved here.
Can't say battling with weather at sea is quite my cup of tea, but horses for courses,
so enjoy while you can!
I dream, therefore I am.

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