The Monkee's

How can we improve the prognosis for our maturing Australians? Suggestions, ideas, proposals for better social and health issues, including retirement accommodation, etc.

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The Monkee's

Post by grandduke » 01 Mar 2012, 12:53

Daydream believer in memory of Davy, what wonderful
days they where, ... re=related
“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’”
George Bernard Shaw


Re: The Monkee's

Post by Dawn » 01 Mar 2012, 15:26

Gone now though, Dukey!

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Re: The Monkee's

Post by Maggs » 01 Mar 2012, 17:08

Those were the days when I wasn't lumbered with the possibility of dire happenings such as religious conflict and global barbarism ...when a catchy song didn't include foul words...when I could watch Tv and not feel it was teaching our children to to go on rampages in schoolyards....when I could eat most things without fear of being poisoned with additives.

I loved "The Monkeys" and The Everley Brothers and all those happy swinging kids strumming guitars turning themselves in great groups for our entertainment entertainment, even if the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was suggestive enough to .... as well as Pat Boone, Matt Munro.... Della Reese,Cilla Black....The Beatles and so on and so infinitum. I Loved MGM Musicals I loved The Theatre, I loved The Opera....... and safe travel from everywhere to anywhere. Yes, those were the days! Who can find a time machine to take us all back there?

Vale.... Davy Jones you did us proud.

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Re: The Monkee's

Post by godfather » 01 Mar 2012, 20:17

David Jones R.I.P. [-o<

I wasn't the greatest fan of the Monkeys but I did like some of their songs and danced my heart out whenever they were on the box.

Like Maggs, I dream of some of those days and miss them, but life must go on. We can't stop time!

However, if you relish that era and enjoyed the music, then I have a link for you which will give you all the memories you can handle.

Go to: and enjoy the music of the years when you were young and perhaps 'innocent' !

\:D/ \:D/ \:D/
The devil whispered, “You cannot withstand the storm“ and I replied: “I am the storm!”.....Unknown.

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