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Post by Dreamweaver » 08 Jan 2006, 22:02

Source: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Date: 2006-01-05

Scientists Develop Prototype Drug To Prevent Osteoporosis Based On Cannabinoids Produced By Body

Substances produced in the body that act like those found in the cannabis plant help preserve bone density, according to researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Based on this finding, a prototype for a new drug to prevent osteoporosis (loss of bone density) without any psychoactive side effects has already been developed.
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Post by Dusty » 08 Jan 2006, 23:56

Let us hope, if this is true that it doesn,t diappearin a puff of smoke like so many other promising things have done
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Post by Merri » 07 Apr 2006, 10:57

Does this mean we should be smoking pot? I think I'd rather eat cannabis cookies. :- :- :-


Post by sigun » 09 Apr 2006, 21:00

Dusty, \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ !

Merri, cannabis cookies......hehehehehe, do you have a recipe?

:-) :-) :-)


Post by Merri » 23 Sep 2006, 16:33

I forgot to answer this! No I don't have a recipe, but I've been assured in good faith that stems are used rather than the more expensive smoking leaf. Apparently it's ground up and added to the flour - in what proportions I wouldn't know. Also chocolate can be melted, powder added, and let set again, but retains a grittiness I believe - supposed to be good for anyone with terminal cancer pain, unable to swallow the cookies. Or off their tucker on chemotherapy, is supposed to stop queeziness.


Post by sigun » 23 Sep 2006, 20:10

I have a feeling that it may stop a lot of things! :-

But do agree that cannabis should be available to terminal cases.


Post by Dawn » 24 Sep 2006, 10:36

Of course it should! Another example of human stupidity!

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