The Queen's Birthday

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The Queen's Birthday

Post by Teddy » 21 Apr 2018, 07:34

Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth today.

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Re: The Queen's Birthday

Post by kfchugo » 21 Apr 2018, 08:17

Dear old Betty Windsor sure has a few candles to blow out..... :lol:

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Re: The Queen's Birthday

Post by lynny » 21 Apr 2018, 10:16

I don't know what she puts in her tea but I wish I had some!
She'll be sending herself a birthday card for her 100th yet. :icon_biggrin:

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Re: The Queen's Birthday

Post by Dreamweaver » 21 Apr 2018, 15:51

Her mother died at 101, and her aunt Alice at 102. Philip turns 97 on June 10th, I think.
He holds the record for longest serving consort in British history
The Duke is one of the longest lived members of the Royal Family in history, but not the longest lived. That achievement lies with Queen Elizabeth II’s aunt, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester who lived to the age of 102, outliving the Queen’s own mother by over a year.
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Re: The Queen's Birthday

Post by terra » 22 Apr 2018, 14:29

and she has two birthdays each year !

.....I just have to ask the question.... Why ? :hhuuuhhhh
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