Way out west.

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Way out west.

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As I mentioned in another post,I have just returned home from a trip to the south western area of the state. All I can say is,what a wonderful country we live in. All we saw between home and our destination,West Wyalong,was what appeared like a sea of green or yellow. Full of healthy livestock and crops. It was an amazing sight to see,and we felt so happy for all those farmers who have been doing it so tough for the last few years. Even the land each side of the Hume Highway,down to Gundagai,which up to now has resembled a desert,was wonderful to see. I would recommend this trip for anybody wishing to escape the constant references to the virus. Other than the expected check-in at public venues it was hardly mentioned,with no masks to be seen.
The only disappointment on the trip was the number of small towns which are now nothing but ghost towns. Shops,hotels,banks and other essential services all boarded up. Towns like Stockinbingal,Springdale,Barmedman and Binalong,once thriving communities,now left with the last stubborn residents refusing to let go. What stood out,though,was the big smile they greeted those travelling through with. After the terrible drought they have just been through,it is amazing that they have all been able to retain their sense of humour. I did not hear one grumble in the 3 days we were there.
I will be going back,soon.
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Re: Way out west.

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Good to hear, Slapsy. :happy-sunshine:
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