Short cuts for the forum

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Short cuts for the forum

Post by godfather » 03 Mar 2016, 21:11

Mainly for our two newbies but also for anyone who didn't know these shortcuts.

1) Instead of reading through each forum to find any new postings, the easier way is to use the following short cut:

Go to "Quick links" on the front page just below our "pbpBB" logo, and click on it. The new menu will show some selection from which you should chose "NEW POSTS". Again, click on it and it will show you ALL the posts which have been added since your last visit to Silverpeers. You will never have to worry again if you have missed any posts at Silverpeers.

2) Another handy idea is to look at the same line on the front page but much further to the right of the page. You should notice a button called "Private messages". If you click on the button and select the name of another member, you can send that member a "private message" that only you and he/she can read. It is an easy way to communicate with any fellow member about private matters.

Enjoy and make use of all our wonderful facilities!

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