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Post by Mahalia » 14 Aug 2019, 14:30

Came across this in my files - I quite forgot about writing it, anyone else out there remember Reg Gasnier, the Provan Brothers and Brian Messiter?

When we lived in Sydney back in the 60’s we followed The Dragons – that was in the days when Johnny Raper , brothers Norm & Peter Provan and Brian Messiter were playing along with other greats. Enjoyed many a game cheering St George on. Reg Gasnier passed away the day before his 75th Birthday 11/5/14

RIP PUFF – SAFE JOURNEY .. Maureen Clifford © The ScribblyBark Poet

Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea
he wore a coat of red and white and popular was he.
He played with other dragons and the people came from far
to see this mighty Dragon roar, and Puff is still a star.

He’s gone up to another team to play that final game
he’ll never be forgotten by his fans – we know his name
was really Reg, but to us here – we all knew him as Puff.
A mighty footy player who was made of sterner stuff.

This year your birthday celebration is on higher plains
no doubt you’ll share it with your mates up there – so many names
have passed through heavens pearly gates before you hit the road
the reminiscing will go on a long time I suppose.

So raise your glass and drink a toast to Reg – the mighty Puff
A true blue St George Dragon – who never cut up rough.
A legend in his lifetime – a Kangaroo as well
Go gently from this life old Mate and keep on raising hell.

The Team Song
"We are the St George boys,
We had a win today,
We are the boys you know of,
Who show them how to play,
No matter where you be,
The red and white you'll see,
Now aren't we a wonderful credit,
To our locality!"
The Scribbly Bark Poet
see some scribbles here -

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