Spirit Voices

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Spirit Voices

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SPIRIT VOICES … Maureen Clifford © The #ScribblyBarkPoet

She held the shell up to her ear
and heard the spirit of the sea
‘cross oceans broad around the world
from waters shallow, waters deep.
Its columellar folds displayed
soft pastel pink and shimmery white,
a subtle glazed pearlescent sheen
that captured the first morning light
tinged softest rose – the folded lips
were touched with sable, subtle, deep
and in its depths were purple hues
like skies at dusk – dark moody blues.

She held the shell up to her ear
and heard the spirit of the sea
The Scribbly Bark Poet
see some scribbles here - http://scribblybarkpoetry.blogspot.com.au/

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Re: Spirit Voices

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=D= =D= =D=

Thanks Mahalia :happy-sunshine:

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Re: Spirit Voices

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Indeed lovely. =D= :happy-sunshine: =D=
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