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Post by Mahalia » 11 Sep 2016, 10:11

THE BLOCK .... Maureen Clifford © The #ScribblyBark Poet

There's a skip that needs filling , a wall that needs drilling.
And who tidies a box of screws?
There are tiles that need laying and plumbers are playing
with gold taps - It's all on the news.

A hissy fit 's building - it seems there's no gilding
the lily, the levels are wrong.
The floor needs re-grouting, so best stop the pouting,
they'll run out of daylight 'fore long.

Concealed imperfections and designer collections
are taking six days of the week
to master and manage, to gain an advantage
as colours are altered and tweaked.

Now hold out that hand. There is blood - there's a band
aid to stop blood dripping onto paint.
Don't shed onion tears - there's no time for your fears
there's deadlines to meet - don't you faint.

It's all larger than life and some get into strife
with a budget that's down to spare change.
Goods are returned and swapped - no way to photo-shop,
and at times the choices are strange.

Subtle light beams through drapes, as up stairwells they traipse
with the latest captured piece of treasure
to enhance and highlight - if they just place it right
so the judges see they have the measure.

This is life on 'The Block' and it's often ad-hoc -
each contestant has a will to win,
but come auction day when big money's in play
it's the bidders who wear the big grin.

All or nothing is bid, no emotions are hid
empty hands don't bring smiles it seems.
All or nothing was bet and some are left bereft
but they've chanced all to bring true their dreams.
The Scribbly Bark Poet
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