What is this thing called WAR!

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What is this thing called WAR!

Post by Biggdad » 07 Oct 2016, 07:51

what is this thing called war
that causes nations to stumble and fall
as they walk they call
call for help
which takes long to come.
there's war in Israel or is it palestine?
everyday people die
why can't man sit down and think?
killing is murder
and brings pain,
kid left without parents
mom left with no child

what is this thing called war
that causes homes to break?
fleeing the country
knowing home is best
and is always missed.
looking at the place
it's all in ruins
there's no turning back now
gotta go far away
become a refugee
good life, there's no guarantee

what is this thing called war
that is killing Africa?
as I look I see
the invisible world war three
Zimbabwe under dictatorship
c'mon why can't we create a relationship?
poverty struck we try to survive
and believe that someday
the nightmare will be over
African youth
where's your pride?
we used to listen to mom and dad
now we add to the trouble
extending the war against AIDS
what's going on?

Father my heart is broken
and you know every word i've spoken
is true
my heart goes out to
the street children
deprived of homes and love
I pray that you'll find a better day
somehow in this confusion God will make a way
Africa just like me
I see you falling, but oneday we'll rise.

what is this thing called war
that causes me to break down and cry,
and encourage me to put my feelings on paper?
can somebody tell me
what is this thing called war? -

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Re: What is this thing called WAR!

Post by Teddy » 07 Oct 2016, 10:29

Thank you Biggdad.

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Re: What is this thing called WAR!

Post by Mahalia » 11 Oct 2016, 22:37

I don't think anyone can give sensible answer to that question Biggdad because war is such a senseless thing and the stupid humans who inhabit this planet seem hell bent on playing it. It has ever been thus. Personally I have never understood why - I don't mean the obvious reasons of greed and power, but why do people put their hands up and go. You can only fight a war if one has combatants and surely especially in a modern world we are all educated enough to know that there are never winners - only losers - so why fight???? I have an over simplistic mind.
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Re: What is this thing called WAR!

Post by Dreamweaver » 28 May 2018, 19:51

Biggdad, how did I miss this?
=D= =D= =D=
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