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Post by Mahalia » 21 Dec 2016, 13:08

Australia has always been a melting pot for all races from the time our convict ancestors first set foot on our shores. Generally speaking (although sadly not always) migrants and refugees have been welcomed by the broader community and they have been an integral part of making the Australia we enjoy today. Our country would never have developed to what it is today without the input of the many other nations peoples that came to our shores and stayed to become the new Australians.

EARTH'S CHILDREN .... Maureen Clifford © The #ScribblyBark Poet

There's shadows lurking in our past
ancient continuation -
our history is flitting fast
all tied up with migration.
Life's choices made - some good some bad
some secret, shadows lurking,
left some folks walking in the wind;
lost souls who life were shirking.

Whilst stirring trouble is unfair -
(past life continuation),
you came here to escape from that
so why the declaration
of angst - against those who took in
your family? Please do tell.
You only make it harder for yourself -
create your hell.

If you would stay - then stay in peace
promote continuation
of mans good will to other men,
embrace the integration.
Stop stirring trouble - you won't win
one candle's not a fire;
and victory you will not gain
but you'll quench all desire.

You'll sing your own swan song and find
again continuation
of life's choices, which you have made -
cause for much perturbation.
Embrace the land where your footsteps
have bought you , and make it home.
Stop spitting in the wind my friend
if you would cease to roam.

We all came here from somewhere else
to inhabit our nation.
We are a melting pot of all
the races in creation.
We are all equal on this earth
No man better than others.
If you would stay - embrace that fact
and let all live as brothers.

***the SS Iberia was the ship that bought my family to Australia as 10 pound poms many moons ago. It was without a doubt the best move my Dad and Mum ever made - a huge leap of faith that repaid them tenfold over the years. There were tears, there were doubts, there were fears - but Australia never turned her back on my family and we have never, and will never turn our backs on her her. We are all grateful for the opportunities and bounties she has offered to each of us, and we value the peace and harmony that she provides.
The Scribbly Bark Poet
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Post by Teddy » 21 Dec 2016, 16:13

Thank you Mahalia for that excellent poem. =D>

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