Oh Such Strife

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Oh Such Strife

Post by Booga » 17 Sep 2017, 05:12

Oh Such Strife

I’m here sitting in the dunny
contemplating things in life.
I’m wondering how the world
came to get into such strife.

This Kim Jong- un and Donald
are two of a kind I fear.
and I reckon that the both of them
need a good kick up the rear.

They posture and they threaten
to blow the whole damm world apart.
and I fear that one will make a slip
for the final game to start.

One hand upon the button
and perhaps one word in jest.
The buttons pushed and missile launched
well folks you know the rest.

Bob Pacey ©
Love is the need to be needed

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Re: Oh Such Strife

Post by Betty » 18 Sep 2017, 16:13

Nice one Booga. :thumbs_up:
A rose by any other name...............

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