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Post by Mahalia » 23 May 2018, 16:15

HERITAGE ... Maureen Clifford © The ScribblyBark Poet

Hides tipped with frost shone ghostly white
in the moon's glow at darkest night
as silent mobs like shadows slipped
between the ghost gums - through the mist.
Small foals close followed Mum's each stride,
for reassurance hugged her side,
whilst Dad, a stallion proud and strong
followed behind, guarding his throng.

Grey mist mingled with steaming breath.
Somewhere a frog met sudden death
its startled squawk at its demise
echoed eerily and fireflies
twinkled 'mongst white gum trunks - bright lights
like Min Min lights or ghostly sprites.
But undeterred by their display
brumbies continued on their way.

They little knew of the debate
their being there had caused, the hate
that some men had, held in their hearts.
Who wanted to see them depart
forever from our mountain range
Something that many found quite strange.
These horses were our history
and part of our lands mystery.

They'd fought in wars and pulled the guns,
chased cattle on the Squatters runs.
They'd mustered sheep, and carried loads,
and travelled miles on dusty roads.
Been true companions, one on one
a more loyal friend was hardly won.
Yet some men now would see them culled
Horses whose skill is unequaled.

On their broad backs our Nation grew,
they ploughed the furrows straight and true,
and these descendants wild and free
deserved to live in liberty;
to roam the Kosciusko heights
to fill jaundiced hearts with delight
as seen when pictures on pages
are shared. In hearts fierce love rages.

For now they have earned a reprieve,
the voice of thousands did achieve
a little more sweet liberty
avoidance of captivity
Our grandchildren may yet still see
our brumby horses running free.
And how wonderful that will be
horse and man have affinity.

Long may our mountain ranges ring
with whinnies and soft nickering,
with wraith like visions in the mist
and chestnut hides with snowflakes kissed.
May young foals stumble, chase and play
in sunlit glades on winter days.
God willing we will hear the call
protect our brumbies - one and all.

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Post by Dreamweaver » 23 May 2018, 20:57

I dream, therefore I am.

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