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Post by Mahalia » 07 Aug 2018, 15:56

Neighbourly ... Maureen Clifford © The ScribblyBark Poet

There’s nothing wrong with this world that the common folk can’t fix -
it’s badly bent but is it really broke?
Oh sure it needs some minor modifications as we know
and some see local pollies as a joke.
We’re all concerned about our countries lax security
and we seem to offer assistance to all,
but isn’t that the Aussie way? Here mate‘s always helped mate.
So how come now it don’t seem to enthral?

There was a time when people stopped and chatted on the street
when people knew most every neighbours name.
Our kids could safely play outside from sun up to sun down
not stuck inside with darn computer games.
And barbeques with neighbours were a regular event
you’d all chip in with beer, salads and dips
‘’You’se comin’ over Saturday for the barbie aren’t ya Fred?’’
“Yeah! Good oh mate – I’ll bring some snags and chips.”

“Well that would be right neighbourly we’ll see you around six”
and so it was on many Aussie streets,
but these days folks don’t know the names of others who live near.
The neighbourhood watch concept this defeats.
So who you gonna call when you need a hand on Sunday?
And who you gonna call if taken crook?
And who you gonna call to celebrate with the Bundy
as your Lotto numbers come up as you look?

There’s nothing much that folks can’t fix - it’s not that hard you know.
Simple communication is the key.
If you think there is a problem well let’s sit and chat awhile
we can solve it, it’s not hard. Don’t you agree?
The Scribbly Bark Poet
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