Bob Pacey, bush poet

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Bob Pacey, bush poet

Post by Biggdad » 19 Aug 2018, 11:29

Getting Older
Well I must be getting older
And I don't know who to blame
All the words now have new meanings
Though they still sound just the same.

And I was so good at English
Now I get the words all wrong
cause when I put them in a sentence
it’s just like they don't belong.

Like, when a bloke was really happy
it used to be ok to say “He's gay”
a “Rap” was how you hit a door
And Hi! just meant gidday.

“Grass” was grown upon your lawn
We used a "Pot" to cook a stew
A “Score” was what your team made
And a "Dope" meant silly you

A “Dyke” that was just a little dam
A “Poof” a puff of smoke
and “Bread” was flour and water
Now if you've got none well your broke

And “Cactus” was a prickly plant
But now it means you’re dead
a “Joint” was an old run down shack
A place to rest your weary head.

“Acid” was something we used
in Chemistry at school
and winter was the only time
that we could say we’re “Cool”.

A “Trip” meant falling over
when we tangled up our feet
And lollies were the only thing
that we could say were “Sweet”.

A “Camp” was just a little tent
set up out in the scrub.
We only “Stuffed” our chickens
and food was our only “Grub”.

If someone had a bit of luck
we’d say that's really slick
now when something’s great mate
well they say it’s “fully sick”.

And we put “ice” into our eskies
just to cool our beer and rum
and the only "Smack" I ever got
was on me bloody bum.

People stopped you in the street
to talk about the weather
now when you ask a question
the kids simply say “Whatever”.

Well I’ve tried to understand it
It's progress I've been told
But I really have to face it mate
Gees I must be getting old. :character-oldtimer:

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Re: Bob Pacey, bush poet

Post by Mahalia » 20 Aug 2018, 20:30

Good to see one of SP's 'Booga' poems up here - it has been a while since he posted anything :good_one
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