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???? WHY ??? .. Maureen Clifford ©The #ScribblyBark Poet

He’s the face you see but don’t see – he is everywhere around.
He might be your closest neighbour or just a face in your town.
You might see him on the buses or you spot him on the train
or each morning busking in the mall in sunshine and in rain.

He’s the one you sometimes see in pubs or on your local street.
He may be the one on park benches dishevelled or asleep.
Or every second weekend with his kids he’s in the mall,
but generally the sad truth is you don’t see him at all.

But you read about him quite a lot and most of it is bad.
You see him in police custody on TV. Bloody sad.
He stands out from the others, not just a face in the crowd.
He’s descended from a race of people, brave and strong and proud.

He came naked into the world – the same world that we share.
He’ll die the same as we will, leave behind all earthly care.
Whilst here, we leave a footprint. Hopefully it's good - not bad,
we all make our own choices but is the same menu had?

The paths we walk may differ, for our country is diverse
but aren’t we all Australians? Don’t we tread the same earth?
So why is it I perceive different opportunities
for the folks in the big cities versus bush communities?

Oh there’s others that look like him, but they’re different not the same
though perhaps they are beneath the skin, that’s another ball game.
What makes the vision different? For it’s clear all don’t agree
but I look, see not a lesser man, but a man just like me.
The Scribbly Bark Poet
see some scribbles here - http://scribblybarkpoetry.blogspot.com.au/

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