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Navigational Assistance

Posted: 13 Dec 2010, 22:53
by godfather
Here are some tricks and shortcuts to allow easy navigation for all our members when you are logged into the forum.

In the top right hand area you will find a button named: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
If you click on that you will be shown a page which contains many questions and the appropriate answers in relation to the workings of the board.
It would be wise to read this section when you need some quick advice.

On the left hand side near the forum frame you will find another FOUR buttons:

View unanswered posts
This will display a list of all the posts which have been viewed but never received an answer.

View unread posts
This list shows all the posts you have not read.

View new posts
four left hand.JPG
This is the list I consult every day. It shows all the topics which have been posted since your last logon to the board.
So, if you have been busy or unwell and don’t wish to miss anything, then this is the button for you.

View active topics -
four left hand_2.JPG
This button will display a list showing all active topics for the last two weeks.

Just below our logo you can find another button called User Control Panel:
When you click on that you will be shown a page with several options relating to your own details and preferences.

Under PROFILE you can find all your details you have given us and where these can be amended as and when necessary.
It would be greatly appreciated if you keep your profile up to date.
You can also edit your SIGNATURE and change your AVATAR in this section.
There are more options and you can use the settings to suit yourself.

Right next to the User Control Panel you will see a set of brackets like this (0 new messages).
This is the area where you will see if anyone has sent you a Private Message (PM). If you see a number other than “0” you know that a message is waiting for you.
Click on it and you will be able to view the message.

To the right of your messages is another button called View your posts:
This is the only place where you can view all the posts you have published under your own username.

The only other trick I know is that if you click on our logo from any page within the forum, you will be taken directly back to the MAIN FORUM page.
It’s handy at times!

Good luck, have fun and enjoy the company of all our friendly members.

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Re: Navigational Assistance

Posted: 14 Feb 2015, 13:44
by godfather
Since we now have a new format of forum and new symbols for navigation, I will have to re-write the above instructions.
Please allow me a day or two to update the settings.

:happy-sunshine: :happy-sunshine: :happy-sunshine: