Robotic cars to inspect vinyards

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Robotic cars to inspect vinyards

Post by Dreamweaver » 18 Feb 2015, 22:16

Robotic cars could predict how much wine you’ll be drinking this vintage

Wine producers have big issues not knowing how many grapes they’ll grow each year, but driverless cars could provide a solution. Bring it on.
According to Mark Whitty, a mechatronics engineer from UNSW, who is leading one of the three teams responsible for building the devices, the current method used to estimate yield is far from an exact science.

“Early in the season, the estimates can be out by more than 50 percent,” said Whitty in the release.

But image data captured by the robotic cars could shed light on vine parameters, such as berry diameter and bunch size, and would be able to weigh grape bunches and measure the volume of the picked fruits - long before harvest.

“Our intention is to drive through the vineyard and observe as much as we can of what's on the vines at different stages of maturity, and then use that to try and correlate what the yield is actually going to be,” said Whitty. ... is-vintage
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