Air New Zealand Safety video

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Air New Zealand Safety video

Post by Veejay » 17 Mar 2015, 12:27

Air NZ Safety Video

Absolutely Sensational Air New Zealand Safety Video

Now this is one airline safety-video that is NOT boring. Enjoy. For those who watched the Hobbit, Must have cost a fortune.

Think I will fly Air NZ just to watch the safety video…. ... n></iframe

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Re: Air New Zealand Safety video

Post by Trishia » 17 Mar 2015, 16:17

Veejay thank you for that. I LOVE it.
I watched the Lord of the Rings films collection just a couple of weeks ago, and really enjoyed it. It's one of those things you can watch several times, and enjoy it.
I think Air N.Z. is very clever to make that video. :icon_biggrin:

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Re: Air New Zealand Safety video

Post by grandduke » 17 Mar 2015, 16:59

Brilliant Baroness love it i will copy and paste that
and sent it on the wings of an email to my Daughter yehaa. :bear_hug
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Re: Air New Zealand Safety video

Post by Warrigal » 23 Mar 2015, 17:31

I've shared it as well. I think it's brilliant. :thank_you:
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Re: Air New Zealand Safety video

Post by godfather » 23 Mar 2015, 20:42

Very good and very inventive. Same as's on the way to email friends!

Thanks Veejay! =D> =D> =D>
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