If all the ice melted

Something that would never happen but did! This section is about all the wondrous things in our world - Wildlife Animals, World Medicine, Physics, Archaeology - things too numerous to list.
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If all the ice melted

Post by Dreamweaver » 18 Apr 2015, 13:23

Watch here- 2.44 minutes
http://www.sciencealert.com/watch-here- ... ice-melted

So okay, the premise of all the world's ice melting down and flooding certain heavily populated coastal cities isn't exactly something that's going to affect you or your children, or even your children's children's children. But as the Synthesis Report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) taught us late last year, the effects of climate change are irreversible, and until we band together and do something to mitigate those effects, sea levels are going to continue to rise until there's no more ice to melt.

According to the report, sea levels have been increasing at a greater rate with the passing of every year, and they're predicted to rise by at least another metre by the end of the century. Once all the sea ice has melted, sea levels will have likely risen more than 66 metres (216 feet).

And you know what? Humans love living on the coast. A whole lot of us are living in huge, coastal cities right now, and as the Business Insider simulation above shows, those cities aren't going to be around forever if things keep going the way they are.

It's both sobering and fascinating to watch. And check out National Geographic's interactive map to see the comparisons between today's shorelines and tomorrow's. I guess hopefully we'll have all moved to Mars by then?
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Re: If all the ice melted

Post by Warrigal » 18 Apr 2015, 13:41

I think the earth has an enormous capacity for self correction but the processes are very slow.
Life cannot adapt to rapid change and we have had periods of mass extinction before.
However, the most adaptable will hang in there for a very long time and evolution will take place.

We've also had periods of history when civilisations faltered and disappeared.
If we don't take the ways we power our advanced lifestyles seriously as a contributor to global warming then, while humans will certainly survive due to our adaptability, we are very likely to see big changes to the ecology of the planet with reductions in the number of extant species, impoverished cities and conflict everywhere over what arable land is left above water and unspoiled.
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Re: If all the ice melted

Post by grandduke » 18 Apr 2015, 13:51

In short murder and mayhem. 8-[ 8-[
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