Tropical resort amidst snow.

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Tropical resort amidst snow.

Post by Dreamweaver » 22 Jun 2015, 19:54

No chance of a tropical storm here! These incredible pictures show the luxury resort
complete with sandy beaches, palm trees and clear, blue water!! And where is it?
It is inside an enormous disused German Aircraft Hangar; and outside the Hangar,
Tropical Islands Resort is surrounded by snow!!

With sandy beaches, clear blue water and palm trees, this looks like a spectacular
and luxurious sun-kissed resort. Holidaymakers can be seen relaxing in swimming
shorts and bikinis. Even the occasional flamingo can be spotted. ... in-germany
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Re: Tropical resort amidst snow.

Post by Mahalia » 23 Jun 2015, 10:51

Good preparation for life on the moon perhaps :lol:
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Re: Tropical resort amidst snow.

Post by Trishia » 24 Jun 2015, 11:31

How wonderful!
A lot of planning and work and money went into this extraordinary place of leisure.
I would love a holiday there! :thank_you:

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