Hydrophobic paint

Something that would never happen but did! This section is about all the wondrous things in our world - Wildlife Animals, World Medicine, Physics, Archaeology - things too numerous to list.
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Hydrophobic paint

Post by Dreamweaver » 10 Jul 2015, 22:38

I guess this is the right section for this. When I was young there seemed to be a definite aversion to being seen as gullible. No-one wanted to be taken in by reports of new discoveries or inventions. The standard response was 'Have you heard they've invented striped toothpaste?' said with a snigger, because everyone knew you couldn't put striped anything in tubes. This inspired someone to prove it could be done, and he did it. I don't know how - does anyone here?

Anyway, here's an invention I bet you never expected to see. :heeheehee

http://www.sciencealert.com/a-german-ci ... ir-own-pee
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