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Dead Leaf Butterfly showing its true color

Posted: 22 Jun 2018, 19:58
by Dreamweaver
Not a fallen leaf but the Orange Oakleaf Butterfly - master of camouflage

Orange Oakleaf Butterfly is one of the most fascinating butterflies seen in Great Himalayan National Park. It looks like a dry leaf and is easily camouflaged on the ground or on the tree trunk. It has a brilliant orange upper side. It is fond of overripe fruit, a rather wary butterfly that is difficult to approach. It is mostly seen in the Great Himalayan National Park. The caterpillar in the final instar is chocolate brown in color with many spikes on it. It is a strong flier and flies among the undergrowth and along forest streams. It prefers dense hills with good rainfall and found in the hills up to 1,800m.

Many butterfly species dine on nectar from flowers, but the Indian leaf butterfly prefers another sweet fare. He enjoys an occasional flower treat, but he typically stays near the forest floor to seek out fallen fruit. As the fruit begins to rot and soften, it makes an easy and plentiful meal for the butterfly. The insect also feeds on sticky sap leaking from trees when it's available.