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From New Scientist

COMPRESSION garments worn by athletes to keep muscles warm may improve performance by reducing muscle fatigue.

Dale Lovell and colleagues at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, measured lactate levels in 25 rugby players after they'd exercised wearing either spandex-like compression garments or regular shorts.

Lactate levels were significantly lower in players kitted out in the compression garments, possibly because they stimulate blood flow that clears the substance. Lactate is associated with muscle fatigue, quick removal may improve performance (Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research)

One does wonder which particular muscle they are talking about. Spandex Pyjamas next, do you think? :icon-mrgreen: :icon-mrgreen: :icon-mrgreen:

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Re: Spandex

Post by Mahalia »

well if they help stop the trade in powdered rhinoceros horn Dawn I am all for them :wink
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Re: Spandex

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A new look on the football fields ... remember Matt Shirvington? think-smiley
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Re: Spandex

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Oooooooo you are a naughty girl Dawn. 8-[ 8-[ :oops: :oops: :- :- :-
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Re: Spandex

Post by Teddy »

Spandex Pyjamas Dawn.I hope so! :biggrin:

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