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Sharing Poetry On Line

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The Australia Times group is the new kid on the block when it comes to on line magazines, but is already making its voice heard.

With over 20 magazines currently on line and more to come there really is something for everyone. The Australia Times aims to become the voice of the people and a source of trusted information. The people behind the scenes are a blend of professional and citizen journalists creating online content for specialist groups and the community at large. This is being done by bringing together a group of interested and passionate individuals to create a series of magazines on many different subjects.

Maureen (Mahalia) was the one who is a passionate poet and stuck her hand up for that job whilst yelling out quietly “Pick me! Pick me!” Maybe no one else applied – but she ended up with the Editors position for The Australia Times Poetry Magazine and is delighting in doing it. One of the really great things about that is the opportunity to showcase the work of some great modern Australian Poets as well as overseas poets whose work would probably pass unnoticed by the average Australian but by bringing together a eclectic mix of poetry in the one publication people should find something that will appeal to their tastes.

Most people know of the works of Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson but our modern day poets are equally as good. Thankfully poets are happy to share – and Maureen has sourced work from poets across the globe. Their work covers all genres of poetry from poets of all ages and many locations, with the youngest poet’s work to date being from a young lass who is only 9 years old. Some of the cover photography has been supplied by a 15 year old girl from Tennant Creek who runs her own small photographic business "A Little Piece of Heart Photography" when she is not busy studying.

One of the other Magazines that will be of great interest to Silver Peers is the TAT Australian Made Magazine which will support our Australian businesses. Buying Australian made supports everyone in the chain from the producers, the sellers, the consumers and ultimately Australia – our Lucky Country.

Banner ads for businesses offer amazing deals and investment returns as well especially for businesses that support the magazines in its early days. Our local charities have not been forgotten either with 15% of the Advertising space being allocated to charities free of charge. So if you manage an approved charity and this is of interest to you please make contact on:

Submissions to the magazines are most welcome. Maureen is happy to take any poetry or Australian yarns for the magazine and welcomes comments. The overall response to the magazines has been very favourable and Maureen hopes that you will enjoy not only the Poetry Mag but also the other excellent magazines as well that you can find here:


I have read through the issues 2 & 3 and enjoyed the full content and a few good laughs. It is a great magazine and Maureen's contributions, ability and quality are outstanding qualities which you will not find in many other magazines.
I understand that reading these magazines is absolutely free to everybody. Congratulations to Maureen and on behalf of all Silver Peers I wish you great fun and success with this venture.........GF 17-9-2013
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