Get pumpin', people

Strictly health issues. Anything that helps us stay healthy or affects us personally.
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Get pumpin', people

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Re: Get pumpin', people

Post by lynny »

After spending 3 weeks in hospital watching older folk come and go - all after falling!- I’ve realised the importance of maintaining strength in the arms and legs, and all the other bits you think you never use. As soon as I can walk again I shall be at the gym.
Thanks Perri! This is so important.

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Re: Get pumpin', people

Post by Teddy »

You are so right Lynny(Those parts) they affect your mobility!

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Re: Get pumpin', people

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If I've got it right, and I may not have,this is the situation.

Best to have an ordinary day after one of extra exercise.
Muscles suffer damage during exercise, and need time to repair.
Damaged muscles produce a protein, Sestrin, in order to do this.
Sestrin then works on other areas, including the brain, to bring great benefits.
I dream, therefore I am.

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