Bone Density

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Bone Density

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I had another bone density scan this morning. Brand new machine that sounded like a conversation between R2-D2 and C-3PO while it was operating. Dunno if my osteoporosis is worse, but I've been loaded up with calcium and vitamin D tablets for the last few months, as well as half-yearly injections of Prolia. Strange thing is, despite some falls caused by slipping on wet floors while bare-footed, I've had no issues with breakages. Also, it seems to be hereditary, as at least one brother has it as well.

Anyone else have this condition?

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Re: Bone Density

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My father had it, and I do too, though more mildly. I am on Vit D. I was also on Panadol Osteo, but in recent years have found joint pain has diminished, so only take that occasionally. We found this with my father, who was in agony as we put his socks on, but after time found the pain had almost disappeared. Nerves deaden? I don't know, when phantom pain can be felt in amputated limbs! :lol: Neither of us suffered broken bones, but neither had we suffered falls.

At one stage an x-ray report, which later proved to be faulty, said I had a cracked rib, which I thought I must have acquired from artificial resuscitation to restart my stopped heart. I was put on strontium. When it was found to be a false report, I was taken off the strontium. I asked to stay on it to benefit the osteoporosis, but was told it was illegal to prescribe it unless my osteoporosis got worse.
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