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Sleep apnoea

Posted: 07 Feb 2019, 10:41
by mavisbramston
Sleep apnoea. Is that correct spelling? Any way recently diagnosed.
I suspect I have had it for years.
Any one else ?

Re: Sleep apnoea

Posted: 07 Feb 2019, 11:04
by Perrorist
My doctor gave me a referral to a specialist in Gosford, but it's impossible to find a park there, so I ignored it. I expect I would have been required to use a special mask while sleeping, and I doubt I could cope with that anyway. My wife's deaf, so she's not affected by my snoring. However, I often wake up tired, which isn't a good way to start the day.

Re: Sleep apnoea

Posted: 07 Feb 2019, 13:19
by mavisbramston
There are very mixed views.

Re: Sleep apnoea

Posted: 07 Feb 2019, 16:45
by Dreamweaver
5 Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

If your patients don't want to wear a CPAP mask, then you can try recommending alternative sleep apnea treatment options. We've written about how sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that requires professional medical attention when diagnosed.

CPAP therapy is one of the most common treatment methods technologists and sleep physicians recommend to those who have sleep apnea. But what if a patient prefers to avoid CPAP therapy altogether?

The good news is that there are several alternative sleep apnea treatment options available to those who want to avoid wearing a mask as much as possible. Below, we've listed 5 alternatives. ... nt-options

The risks are heart attack and stroke. But I can't persuade my son even to UFS which has diagnostic clinics!

Re: Sleep apnoea

Posted: 08 Feb 2019, 17:39
by mavisbramston
Thank yousouch dream. Itried the machines last night Jury is out. I did not like it but it was the first time