I am fretting for our ARK

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I am fretting for our ARK

Post by godfather » 05 Aug 2017, 21:09

It's been sometime since we lost our logo from the main page.
I am missing it, anyone else feeling sad too?

:teary :teary :teary
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Re: I am fretting for our ARK

Post by Dreamweaver » 05 Aug 2017, 23:00

Yes. We are a dis-similar lot, drifting in (or out of) harmony, tolerant of whiffy neighbours, destination unknown. :lol:
I dream, therefore I am.

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Re: I am fretting for our ARK

Post by Perrorist » 06 Aug 2017, 06:44

Every time I put a logo back, the next update removes it.

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Re: I am fretting for our ARK

Post by lynny » 06 Aug 2017, 09:42

I must say that SPs hasn't seemed quite the same since it disappeared. It stood for our 'use it or lose it' motto.........and all 'while having fun in the process'. :icon_biggrin:

May it return permanently one day.

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Re: I am fretting for our ARK

Post by terra » 06 Aug 2017, 14:43

I liked it because I only had to left click on any part of that photo of the ark and it was an instant return to home page.

I just discovered that the existing photo of the old folk at the top left of the screen does the same shortcut back to home page. :good_one
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