You know you're old when...

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You know you're old when...

Post by Perrorist » 09 Jan 2019, 18:13

You put food into the microwave and enter your ATM PIN as the cooking time.

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Re: You know you're old when...

Post by Warrigal » 09 Jan 2019, 19:57

:lol: I can relate to that but in truth I have always been vague as a violet.
My mind is always elsewhere when I am performing everyday tasks and I am easily distracted.
If Bill doesn't BackTheBill, then don't back Bill - Gosford Anglican Church noticeboard.

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Re: You know you're old when...

Post by Dreamweaver » 09 Jan 2019, 21:01

60 years ago when visiting my in-laws with their first (and new) grandchild, I walked to the butcher's with babe in pram.
Full shop, so I parked the pram where I could see it through the window.
After buying m-i-l's meat, I took it back to her, and was taken aback when hubby said "Where's the baby?!"
Oh! At the butchers! :eek

And that's 60 years before senility set in.
I dream, therefore I am.

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Re: You know you're old when...

Post by lynny » 10 Jan 2019, 09:55

I enjoyed watch my grandson only this morning put his cereal box in the fridge then turn around and wonder where the milk was. I didn't say anything - he's 15 - but went away and gloated gloriously because I haven't done that.....yet! :lol:

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Re: You know you're old when...

Post by Teddy » 10 Jan 2019, 11:54

My husband just asked me if it would be ok to put the packetof Cornflakes in a spare new unused Uncle Toby's Oats tin. As long as you put a label on the top of the Tin was my reply! :lol:

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